Essay: Telematics & On-Star Code

Essay: Telematics & On-Star Code
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Executive Summary

Information Technology and Telecommunications are two areas which have played a major role in revolutionizing the life of individuals and businesses. They have not only brought benefits such as speed and reliability to various business processes within a number of organizations but have also contributed in numerous ways to bring ease to the individual lives. Further advancements in IT and telecommunications have made these areas move gradually towards convergence, giving birth to new technologies which use both areas to provide greater advantages.

Telematics is one of such technology which makes use of computers as well wireless communication technologies to provide services independent of the location. Vehicle Telematics deals with the application of Telematics technology to vehicles. Its need was driven by automobile manufacturers who desperately wanted to integrate information systems into their vehicles.  A vehicle Telematics network such as OnStar allows subscribers to communicate with other Telematics equipped vehicles, use the Internet, get updates on traffics as well as enable them to contact the right services quickly in case of emergencies. It can be also used to provide information related to routes, emergency shelter, and food rationing points in case of natural disasters. Telematics network, such as OnStar, makes use of a number of technologies for the provision of their services. OnStar uses GPS technology for vehicle tracking, CDMA cellular wireless technology to enable voice communication between the drivers and the OnStar advisor, voice recognition technology to enable hands-free operation and vehicle telemetry to enable remote monitoring and controlling of the vital functions of the vehicle. However, all these services require the transfer of confidential information of the subscriber to the service provider, over public networks which are inherently insecure.

Therefore, there is a strong need of employing architecture such a creation of Virtual Private Networks for each vehicle, in order to provide a secure communication path over such networks. Along with security issues, Telematics networks such as OnStar bring in privacy issues as well which have been highlight by privacy advocates on several occasions. Apart from using the onboard communication facilities, OnStar also uses its website, email, and telephone service to interact with its subscriber. However, the use of such services can be exploited by social engineers who can pose as a contact from OnStar to extract sensitive information from an OnStar Subscriber. At the moment, OnStar is about to enter the Chinese market, in order to fully tap the potential of Telematics in one of the world largest economy. Though OnStar will face several challenges, however, the previous experience of OnStar and the nature of services it provides are expected to contribute significantly to its success in China as well.

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