Essay: Telematics

Essay: Telematics
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Telematics can be defined as vehicle automation systems that provide a variety of emergency as well as navigational services to the drivers. Devices providing Telematics services allow the drivers to communicate with other vehicles, use the Internet, receive traffic updates, listen to music as well as send notification of nature and location emergency to the concerned services. These services allow a car driver to communicate with his vehicle through voice commands and can also assist him in the maintenance of the car. In addition, Telematics service can be use to control some functions of vehicles as well (such as door unlocking and throttle disabling)

Telematics makes use of a number of wireless technologies to provide the services to the drivers. These technologies include wireless communication networks for communications to satellites for navigation and tracking of vehicles (TechTarget Website, 2007). In recent years, the use of Telematics has gained a lot of popularity, especially in America, Europe and developing countries like China and Singapore. With millions of customers worldwide, Telematics service provider companies have been building on their booming business worldwide and there is a lot of potentials that can be tapped into (Berg Insight, 2009).

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