Essay: The Act of Smoking at Public Places

Essay: The Act of Smoking at Public Places
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I also believe that the act of smoking at public places is not the right thing to do. I consider it similar to public displays of pornography which is considered a disgraceful act because of its effect on general public especially on young minds. Children or teens tend to be more sensitive to the effects of the environment in which they live and their ability to differentiate between right and wrong is still developing.

Therefore, by maintaining an impartial attitude toward public smoking, children or people in their early ages are unable to realize what harms it can bring to them, since they once see the person for a short time. Furthermore, since no attitude is shown toward the smoker, they tend to take it as the right thing to do. Also, their mind is also affected by the personality of the smokers. Even in real life and in advertisements, the smoker often gives an impression of a “Macho” personality, and that smoking increasing the acceptance of the smoker in the society, though the reality is totally in contradiction to this. Hence, by confining the smokers to private places, not only it will discourage them through speculation, but it would also help in making young people realize that smoking is harmful and does not do anything to the personality of the smoker, in contradiction to what they think. On the other hand, many smokers also believe that smoking actually helps them relax in times when they get stressed. For example, many people smoke when they have are thinking about large project as well as when they are contemplating big decisions. They believe that smoking helps them in concentrating better in their daily life activities.

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