Essay: The Camel and the Wheel

Essay: The Camel and the Wheel
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While considering the decline in the use of wheeled mode of transportation, three factors have been mentioned in the book as the significant contributors. These include the swap of the camel chariots used in wars with the more recent concept of Cavalry, the poor conditions of the roads as well as the subsequent disapproval of carriage and strap. The use of camel presented a further facility to the rider, which was the competitive advantage the camels displayed in travelling through dusty and barren environment. In addition the installation of saddle on to the carrier brought an initiative to the capture of power through martial influence, which was then recognized by the camel breeding tribes facilitating their social and financial integration into the reputed civilization of the Middle East.

Though the book presents a comprehensive account of the re-introduction of wheels by the arrival of the west, it contains a very limited discussion of the question whether the western medieval streets and ways were easier to navigate through with wheeled traffic. It also does not educate the reader about aspects such as expenses of the transportation, types of the merchandise that was transferred as well as the contest that was posed by travelling by marine and the monitory aspects. Hence, the reader is left a bit wanting in capturing the whole thought of what appears to be a meticulously prepared chronological on camel transport. However, the presentation of how the camels have been used in modern Australia, the Middle East and in America does captivate the attention of the reader. In presenting these episodes, professor Bulliet has highlighted the factors which lead to the demise of camel, one of which was the increase in the use of heavy transportation vehicles like truck. For the future, Professor Bulliet also foresees the humiliation to the position of camel as meat production cattle. In its entirety,  the account of  ascend  and repudiation of the pack camel is offered with a interesting, occasionally wonderful influence of mixture, putting together  the lost pieces  of anthropological, archeological and linguistic study. Though the material presented is self contained and does not leave any question in the mind of the reader about the impact of camel on its Near eastern background. However,  if this question is raised , as it has been raised by professor Bulliet in the book, than the explanation needs to be a bit more fuller than the one that has been included.

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