Essay: The Case of Solar Energy

Essay: The Case of Solar Energy
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In their paper, Tsoutsos, Frantzeskaki, and Gekas provide several pieces of evidence to back up their support for solar energy. At the start of the paper, they provide statistics of how the use of solar energy can contribute toward improving the socio-economic condition of the region. In the paper, it has been shown that various technologies that can be used for solar energy production are able to provide up to 12000 jobs per annum with up to 1000 jobs per 1000 Watts of electricity produced. This statistic is quite reliable because it has been taken from a study that was carried out by the European Commission. The second evidence presented in the paper is of land use. The used of Photovoltaic cells to produce electricity need not require the presence of cells at one particular place.

Due to their size, these cells can be diversely distributed. Hence Solar energy production can be carried out not only in places where are the large flat surfaces available, such as rural or barren areas, but can also be carried out in the urban or densely populated areas by placing the cells on the rooftops of the buildings. Furthermore, the paper also highlights the fact that solar energy production plants have a minimum or no impact on the environment as they produce no noise and can contribute to increasing the aesthetic sense of the architecture when used in built up or urban settings.

Though this paper is a very good source to learn about the benefits of the solar energy technologies which they bring in terms of environmental and socio-economics, but the paper tends to concentrate more on discussing the environmental impact of the technologies rather then anything else since it was produced as a part of studies that were carried out to produce and evaluate energy policies in the European Union. This means that although the information found in the paper is very relevant to the topic, a large part of the paper concentrates on discussing the impact of the use of solar technologies on environment rather than anything else, hence the paper cannot be treated as a source that builds a comprehensive case for the solar energy use.

The fact that it was carried out as part of European Union policy decision making process, signify the importance the paper has in terms of the impact that the paper would have on the whole of EU and hence it neutrality can be taken for granted.

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