Essay: The Case of Wind Energy

Essay: The Case of Wind Energy
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While favoring the use of Wind Energy Swisher, De Azua, and Clendenin also present some interesting facts and figures in an attempt to convince the reader that Wind energy is the way to go for future. For example, the state the plain fact that unlike solar energy, which is available in only a certain part of the day, Wind does not suffer from this shortfall which means that while considering a Wind farm for commercial energy production, any company does not have to worried about installation of batteries which would store the power in the day and would cover for the energy shortage in the dark as with the case of solar energy.

Furthermore, the authors also present the fact that over the years, the cost of Wind energy production has gone down significantly, making it much more affordable then any other alternative energy source and even comparable to cost of conventional energy production means. Furthermore, Wind energy production also has minimum impact of the environment and hence it is environment friendly. Another unique fact that the paper mentions is that Wind Farm allow for maximum use of land. That is, since the footprint of a wind turbine is very small, it does not require specially allocated piece of land for deployment. Hence it can be also be deployed near or in the middle of human population like in farms and parks. This paper can be considered as a very reliable and unbiased source of information. The main reason for this is that it was an Invited paper and was published in the proceeding of IEEE, the world’s premier organization of electrical and electronic engineers. The authors of the paper are also very well established professional and researchers in the field of alternative energy. The information provided in the paper is pretty accurate since it quotes facts from some very reliable sources such as the US Department of Energy. One of the strong points and the significance of this paper is the in-depth discussion it has provided on the economics of Wind Energy production, especially for the US. It discusses through various example, the development that the area of Wind energy in the US has seen and how the development has benefitted the local surrounding. However, this paper mostly focuses on the providing the reader with the information about the economic benefits of using the Wind Energy, hence, concentrates less on the other aspects of it. The strengths of the paper are the use of examples as well as facts and figures throughout the paper. However, the paper does not provide a balanced picture of the issues related to the Wind Energy such the potential impact on wildlife as well as the visual impact on the surrounding if it is deployed in a naturally beautiful area.

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