Essay: The Cyber Terrorism Plan and Counter Strategy

Essay: The Cyber Terrorism Plan and Counter Strategy
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Cyber Terrorism Plan: First of all, my main objective is to force the US government to stop military action against Iraq and Afghanistan through this cyber attack. I will try to achieve these objectives by hitting the official website of Pentagon and Department of Defense (DoD) Global Information Grid, through cyber attacking tools. First I will use sniffers for few days to sense and steal the secret information like passwords and IDs floating on the network. I will also consult some expert hackers over the Internet and try to capitalize on their experience and will learn some latest hacking techniques.

I will also consult previous cases of hacking and try to figure out their plans and the cause of failures if any. After obtaining this information, I will attempt to hack the main control systems and servers, download the confidential information and upload the logic bombs. These bombs will trigger and explode when the users of the system click some specific files and the whole information on the connected servers and hard drives will be corrupted. After that, I will slow down the network by attacking the website by Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) (Curran, Concannon, & McKeever, 2008) attack and will clutter the e-mail boxes with hundreds of thousands of unwanted e-mail through e-mail spoofing. Logic bombs will corrupt the integrity and confidentiality of highly valuable information and DDoS attack will block the availability of information both to internal users and the general public. This attack will be so powerful that a long time will be needed to rectify the problems and completely restoring the system. When anyone tries to access the file either on the desktop computers in the Pentagon or on its website from anywhere on the Internet, there will be a single message displayed “NO MORE BLOODSHED. STOP THE WAR”.  The news of hacking the website of the Pentagon will immediately get the attention of media and this message will spread everywhere at the speed of light. Where this news will help me to mobilize public option in the favor of curbing the war, it will also give the clear and strong message to the US government that it should stop its military operations in overseas and forbade throwing the public money on the complete uncertain and illogical warfare. This strong public opinion will force the government to make some important strategic decisions for the bright of America.

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