Essay: The Effect of Smoking on the Environment

Essay: The Effect of Smoking on the Environment
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The last point I would like to emphasize in favor of my position is the effect the smoking does to the environment. Even if cigarettes are considered, which is considered the mildest of the smoking methods, everyone know that cigarettes contains nicotine and tar as the main constituents while the ingredients of cigarettes contains hundreds of chemicals, a number of which are poisonous.

Though the amount of these dangerous chemicals is quite low in each cigarette, but if the amount of cigarettes smoked in a day in the whole of the UK is taken into account, then the damage that they do becomes obvious. Cigarettes, damage the environment in a number of ways, first the smoke that is released from burning of the chemical is very harmful. One doesn’t have to think much about this one as everybody know the dangers of secondhand smoking, so an environment polluted with such chemical would do the damage on large scale. By putting ban on smoking, the government is also trying to put a deterrent to the damage smoking is doing to the environment. Through this ban, the smokers will have fewer places to smoke, so in order to gain access to places which would be denied to them through the smoking ban, they would try to overcome or make a reduction in their habit of smoking. The alternative point of view that I have heard  from people who favor smoking is that public ban on smoking is a discriminatory act against them as the pollution caused by smoking is insignificant when compares to other sources of pollution. In this way, they place the transport running on fuels as well as industries which consume fuel in order to generate energy as the biggest culprits in this regard.

The public ban on smoking is the right thing to do because it will help in reducing the ill effects of smoking on our society. It will not only help in reducing the effect that smoking is having on humans but also reduce its negative side effects on society as well as environment. Reduction in smoking would also serve a way to bring down expenditures in today’s world where inflation is touching new heights. Therefore, I request and expect from my entire friend to obey the law and also consider quitting the smoking habit.

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