Essay: The Grand Canyon University

Essay: The Grand Canyon University
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The Grand Canyon University, situated in Phoenix, Arizona, is one of Christian Universities in Arizona State, which have diversified from their initial purpose, to serve community at wide. However, a lot of similarities still exist between the Heritage of Grand Canyon University and the way it is run today. GCU had a very Christian base from the start. The ideology that founded the root of GCU was to establish a Baptist college and it was dreamed, founded and initially run by a group of people who wanted a sanctuary where pupils can come to learn and serve God.

This heritage of GCU is still carried by the University. Activities in which the GCU students are currently involved,  include Bible studies, Missionary trips to various areas as well has volunteer work in University ministries  where the GCU claims that “teams of people become a servant to the hurting people, Jesus’ love and compassion ,delivering food boxes, clothing to many lives for Christ.”. The University still holds important the values of Christian education as it was highlighted by the founding president of GCU, Willis J. Ray. However, the current statements of the University show that university has adopted many features to broaden its scope while still keeping religion at heart. The University statement are now represent an approach toward education that is geared more toward providing students with critical daily and professional skills while supplementing them with religious education and activities. It offers a number of graduate and undergraduate programs in Education, Liberal Arts, Health Sciences as well as Business in which religion is closely intertwined. Originally established to be a Christian education school, GCU now welcomes people from all religions and diversity and encourages a healthy dialogue between them. It now provides a more open atmosphere to students while only providing guidance to them in order to enlighten their thinking and evaluating skills.

The Grand Canyon University promotes a culture which community service is emphasized and diversity is encouraged. Being a Christian, our family has always maintained the value that the life should be an optimum blend of service to God and Humanity and that one way of serving God is through serving Humanity. Therefore, I believe the culture found in GCU is a perfect match for me. Furthermore, due to the belief in serving humanity, I have faith that connecting with people provides them with a means through which they can communicate their deep feelings and feel light while allowing me to create a strong bond with them and make use of my existence.  Volunteering at ministries, I believe would provide me with a similar but more enriching experience where I would energize myself by linking with needy people and serving them a purpose. Through studying religion and missionary trips, I would not be gain better understanding of my purpose of life but I would also be able to explore others’ perspective of life as well.  I am also believer of the fact that religion is something which cannot be forced onto someone.

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