Essay: The Importance of Human Computer Interaction

Essay: The Importance of Human Computer Interaction
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Another thing that makes the HCI important is that it acts as a focal point between different fields of studies. The study of HCI actually involves researchers from a number of different fields (some say 10) which belong to the domain of psychology and computer science. For example, the research from the field of Ergonomics contributes to the study and research in the field of HCI  as it provides the techniques and method to study the physical characteristics of an of the system.

The field of software engineering, on the other hand, contributes to the field HCI by making available the tools and techniques which are used to model the design developed through the studies of HCI into computer programs and applications. The field of Mathematics, on the other hand, helps the designers and engineers of the HCI in exposing the logical relationship between various system elements by providing formal specifications and description of the interfaces. HCI designer also takes help from studies of cognitive psychology as the domain possess a large amount of knowledge about human cognitive processes and structures while the use of Artificial Intelligence in HCI, allows for the implementation of mental faculties through computational models. Also, the field of Computational Linguistics allows the HCI designers to better understand the dialogue that takes place at the human-computer interface, which it can also be used to implement natural language systems. Cognitive Science, on the other hand, offers the designer the ability to predict and understand the behavior of the users at the point where human and computer interface together. There are important contributions from other fields of studies as well which include social sciences, which allow the designer and engineers a better understanding of the social aspects of both system design and implementation. Other fields include Sociology as well as Organizational Psychology (Jackson, 1985).

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