Essay: The Improvement in HCI Interfacing Devices

Essay: The Improvement in HCI Interfacing Devices
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Throughout its life, the new theories and proposition in the field of HCI has led to the improvement of both software and hardware devices that have been used to interact with the computer. The improvement made to these devices through the virtue of HCI studies has not only enhanced the experience of the user but has also made it possible to exploit the potential of the computer in ways different than traditional ones.  From the invention of first computer in 1940, when the computer was not even interactive to the future expectation of Ubiquitous computing, embedded computing and augmented reality, HCI technologies have seen a significant improvement, which HCI gaining much attention during 1990s (Myers, 1998).

With interaction being introduce through the concept of programming through punch cards in computers, soon the computer design took change to allow for a more interactive device to be used, the light pen. This type of interaction was replaced with mouse, which allowed for more comfortable grip as well as took care of the inherent problems in the light pens. Further improvement in interfacing between humans and computers was made through the use of a keyboard and other interactive devices such as joy sticks. On the other hand visual technologies also played a major part in enhancing the interactive experience of the users (Booth, 1989). From the use the basic vacuum tube display, the technology has permitted us to move to much more comfortable display such as TFTs and LCDs while these have been further improved to incorporate the Touch Screen capability, where the user can interact with computer directly through the screen. Improvement in electronics have also allowed to interactive technologies to be miniaturized into wearable devices, hence improving the ease with which the computers can be interacted with. Recently Artificial Intelligence has also gradually incorporated into the interface design in order to improve the interaction between humans and computers. The use of Artificial Intelligence has not only allowed for computers to improve their understanding of the user needs but also made it possible to for user with even low level of acquaintance with computer to work with high level and complex technologies. The computing and research industry has also begun to realize the importance role that Artificial Intelligence can play in the making the interaction with computer very close to interaction between humans. Therefore, in the future, it is predicted that the HCI devices will make use of more and more AI in order to not only improve their functionality but also to understand the needs of the user in the context or environment in which the user or device is present. The current prediction of future HCI technologies will include Ubiquitous computing, which would allow the user to interact with the computing devices present in everyday objects, which would be able to think and react according to the user’s motions and interaction with its environment.

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