Essay: The Internet, Web, and Information Systems

Essay: The Internet, Web, and Information Systems
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Visual Basic is one of the programming languages that come as a part of Visual Studio, a software development environment for Windows operating system, by Microsoft.

One of the advantages of Visual Basic is that it is very easy to learn. As a significant amount of coding in Visual Basic is done using visual tools it allows for rapid development of applications in Windows. Though earlier versions of Visual Basic were not platform independent and had poor support for object oriented programming however its current version VB.NET has that a lot. It is now object oriented and can be used for scripting and building new generation of web components. VB.NET has also taken a step toward platform independence; hence it compiles applications to run using an interpreter. Tools included in VB include Object Browser, Data Designer for database schemas and Data Explorer for working with MS SQL Server while Properties editor and Form Builder provide support to programmers by generating much of the code visually. It also has an integrated debugger for removing bugs while IntelliSense implements autocompletion feature. In addition to these features, help is available as part of Microsoft Developers Network (MSDN), which is available on CDs as well as on the internet (Perry, 1999)

Visual Basic is giving a strong competition to other languages. For example, JAVA has been a popular tools in desktop and web application development due to its platform independency. However, when it comes to windows, .NET, the platform on which VB runs now, is faster (BentUser, 2009). Another factor to consider is that JAVA uses syntax similar to C++ which is much difficult to learn for programmers than VB. These factors make Visual Basic a very attractive choice for programmers who code in Windows environments.

On server side scripting as well, VB has gained tremendous interest. With ASP.NET, VB can be used to create web applications and scripts which deploy faster, are securer and more capable then what other languages like PERL use to do with CGI (Kozyk, 2009) Though, PERL’s platform independence makes it a decent choice for web application running of operating systems other than Windows.

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