Essay: The need for Vehicle Telematics

Essay: The need for Vehicle Telematics
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The basic need for Telematics was the automotive industry’s need to provide in-vehicle services. The automotive industry was keen on the idea because it was also excited about the boom that the Internet was experiencing at that time, and wanted to incorporate its benefits into vehicles as well. The need of Telematics was further enhanced by the fact that vehicle owners needed a system which could ensure the security of their vehicle while assisting them in maintaining it as well. The significant number of deaths due to road accidents also highlighted the need of a system which could alert the right authorities at the right time, providing them with as much information as possible. On the other hand, business organizations needed a way to effectively manage the fleet of vehicles they owned, as they found it difficult to keep track of the maintenance tasks as their fleet grew. The use of Telematics services provided solutions to all these needs (Saksena, 2009).

Even today, the need for Telematics is tremendous. The use of Telematics is gradually becoming an organizational practice due to the advantages it offers.  As the businesses become more and more aware of Duty of Care legislation, they seek a way which could provide them with a mean to restrict the damages they get in the form of “Corporate Killing” and “Reckless Killing”. They now feel they are more responsible for managing the way their vehicles are used and hence incorporating Telematics to monitor how and when they vehicles are used. While, the automotive industry sector, having realized the potential of Telematics through its use in the past, is more than willing to capitalize on the new opportunities that are created by the evolving requirements of their customers as they gradually come to understand the virtues that the use of Telematics brings in their daily life  (Martin, 2003).

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