Essay: The Rise of a Video Gaming Generation

Essay: The Rise of a Video Gaming Generation
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In a number of recent studies carried out related to video games, some eye opening facts were discovered which showed the US Society as one where young children spend  a major portion of their day in front of their gaming consoles. In a study carried out by Kaiser Family Foundation, it was shown that 83% of children between ages of eight and eighteen have at least one video game player in their home.

Furthermore, 31% of the children had 3 or more video game consoles while 49% of children have their game players in their bedroom. In another study conducted by Lenhart in 2008, 97% of children in their teen ages were shown to play video games regularly. Also, a research carried out by the NDP Group Inc. has shown that 45% of heavy video game players are between ages of 6 and 17. It has also shown that video games sales account for one-third of the average monthly entertainment spending in the US (National Institute on Media and the Family, 2009).

Negative Effects

While video games are normally considered an excellent source of entertainment for children, their prolonged exposure can have adverse effects on children. These effects not only include psychological and physical problems but also include negative impact on their social life.


An important factor to consider regarding the effects of playing video games is their appeal toward children. In order to be “successful” in the market, the game development companies develop their products around the knowledge and perception that they have of children’s liking. Many forums such as game review websites as well as company sales figures are also used to develop this understand. As a result, when a new video game is released, the children spend much more time playing games than they should, which gradually transforms into addiction (Gunter, 1998).  Considering the US, studies have shown that American are also getting so fond of gaming consoles, that it is changing their preference for entertainment. A recent survey by NDP Group has shown that 63% of Americans have played a video game in the past 6 months, compared to only 53% of people who have gone out to the movies (National Institute on Media and the Family, 2009).

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