Essay: The role of SMI in network Management

Essay: The role of SMI in network Management
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A Network Manager is responsible for maintaining the overall

In a TCP/IP network, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is used to manage the device through reading a writing parameter variables associated with device objects in the Management Information Base (MIB). These parameters have particular types and allowed values which are described by using the Structure of Management Information (SMI) framework. SMI framework provides a basic format and management data hierarchy which can be used as building blocks for construction of managed objects. It can also be used to convey the semantics of information modules and notifications (Nadeau 2003). The role of SMI In network management is very important. IT makes it possible for a network manager to perform his tasks in an efficient manner. For example…

  1. The Network Manager is responsible for keeping all network functionality in working condition, monitoring network devices for problems and troubleshooting them. For this purpose, SMI specifies the number of structures, that can be used to identify the devices, read their current status information as well as set up events on them through the use of SNMP protocol.
  2. The Network Manager is also responsible for housekeeping on the network, that is, keeping track of what resources are assigned to whom, to keep the network under control. SMI specifies several structures such as object IDs and network addresses for device identification within the MIB. With the use of SMI in MIBs, it not only becomes possible for the network manager to get detailed information about the resources available on the network, it also become easy to associate the information with the right devices.
  3. The Network manager also performs maintenance through repairs and upgrade of network equipment as well as through preventive and corrective measures. It often requires communicating with the devices to either change their status or to update the information that they store. By specifying how and what information is stored in MIB, SMI makes it possible for a network manager to easily communicate with the devices through SNMP protocol.
  4. Furthermore, the Network Manager also creates provision of services through the configuration of resources. The facilitation of communication with the devices by SMI also permits the network manager to modify the configuration of the devices in order to create provision of new services.

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