Essay: The Side effects of a Human Computer Integration

Essay: The Side effects of a Human Computer Integration
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For a Human-Computer Integration to take place, the human body, especially the brain, will have to be implanted with devices which would serve as the translator between humans and computer interfaces. However, the presence of implants can result in various physiological as well psychological problems for the humans. Through studies conducted on various types of implants, it has been understood that since implants are foreign objects, they are often treated by the human body as an invasion and hence all implants have a significant probability of developing problems such as infection, inflammation, and pain.

In severe cases, the implant may be rejected altogether by the host immune system. In the case of brain implants, there have been reports in the literature which describe the possibility of apathy, hallucinations, compulsive disorders, increase in sexual drive, dysfunctionality in recognition of objects as well as bouts of depression in the patients after the implants has been placed. There is also a possibility that enhancement done using such implants may restrict other functions of the human body such as movement due to their physical characteristics (size). However, all these problems may be temporary and are considered void in the future once the placement and calibration of implants as well as the technology and material used to manufacture them are perfected (Gans & Crews, 1992).

The use of electronics and electrical technology in implants also poses a significant disadvantage since these implants would be very vulnerable to electromagnetic activity and extra care would have to be taken by the host in order to protect them from such exposure. An example in this regard would be of the patients installed with an artificial pacemaker. In the case of a complete merger between a man and a computer as well, there would be significant side effects as well. In such a case the human body will gradually get used to the functions and presence of implement and thus would develop a dependence on them (Clark, 2004).

This would not only result in changes to the behavioral pattern of the human body but would also bring changeused how social interactions take place. The integration will also give rise to the debate on the definition of a number of concepts which are currently based on human understanding; hence, have a human definition attached to them. It would also bring to question the danger that the new intelligence would pose toward the human race and the implications of technological development which would take place at a pace and direction beyond the control of humans (Hanson, 2008).

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