Essay: The State of Intellectual Property in Saudi Arabia

Essay: The State of Intellectual Property in Saudi Arabia
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Intellectual Property (IP) rights, gives the owner of the Intellectual Property the right to create monopoly over an originally created piece of work. The award of Intellectual Property right allows the owner to gain monopoly benefits, which not only encourages the creation of new Intellectual Property but also provide ease when considering the research and development budget for it.

Not only this, but the legal monopoly that is created through Intellectual Property rights can be credit with significant contributions made toward the economic growth of a number of number of countries. The use of Intellectual Property rights also applies to Software and systems as well. The application of Intellectual Property right is a major issue when it comes to software and other systems. It is estimated that more than $50 billion were lost worldwide in 2008 due to poor enforcement of IP laws and software piracy with US topping the list of losses and UK losing more than $2 billion (Business Software Alliance 2008). A contrast that can be presented in this regard is of China and Russia with the US European countries. Though China and Russia have all the infrastructure as well as workforce available to them, they have suffered a lot in gaining the confidence of new companies related to the business of software development and other systems. Confidence of new companies related to the business of software development and other systems. The European and American markets on the other hand, have thrived on the confidence that they have gained by enforce IP laws in their countries; hence have a much more significant role in world economy.  Saudi Arabia, one of the third world countries, which has a developing market as well as an atmosphere that is very conducive to foreign businesses. However, being a third world country, it does not enforce the Intellectual Property laws properly, hence it unable to gain from its full potential (Idris and WPO 2003).


The objective of this project is to investigate the current conditions of Intellectual Property rights enforcement in Saudi Arabia. Another objective of this paper will be to put forward recommendations for practical steps to be taken in this regard, one of which would be the development of an Intellectual Property Database Web Portal.

Significance of the Research

Personal Significance

This project has important to me because I have always valued the design of the software and believe that it is the right of the owner to reap the rewards of his or her innovation. I also believe that gaining an understanding of IP laws as well as their enforcement would be in my interest as well, since I am studying to become a software designer as well. This project will also allow me to polish up my skills in software engineering through development of  the Web Portal.

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