Essay: The Technological Singularity and the Digital Divide

Essay: The Technological Singularity and the Digital Divide
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5.1 Introduction

Having realized the importance of AI use in HCI devices in mitigating the gap between the digital divided parts of the world, an important aspect that needs to be looked at is how far the Artificial Intelligence in collaboration with other technologies will be able to bridge the digital divide. Certainly, with the advent of time, new concepts have been continuously introduced by the researcher in all fields of computer science which have improved the previous concepts by making them more economical and efficient.

Same is the case with Artificial Intelligence, which has seen the continuous introduction of concepts, albeit highs and lows in its life, which have not only made Artificial Intelligence more Intelligent, but also have allowed it to be used for various aspects of business, industry, and life as well. When considering the future of Artificial Intelligence,  the researcher is very optimistic about the existence of a Technological Singularity, that is, AI that would increase the pace of technological advancement so much, it would unprecedented. The Researcher believes that this AI would usher a new era of technological development, improving all technologies in ways that are currently unthinkable. This fact implies that Technological singularity would also be very helpful in improving the Interfacing between Humans and Computers and would make technologies so accessible that it will mitigate the digital divide. In order to understand would and how Technological Singularity would benefit the humans, it is important to understand it fully. Since the beginning of its life in 1956, AI has gradually seen its acceptance increase and today it is touted as being one of the critical technologies of the future.

Various AI methodologies and research work have not only found their way in the wide range of fields but have also continued to improve the performance of various applications in which they have been used.  In computer applications, AI algorithms and technology exist for all three tiers, which are Front End, Middleware and Back End. The use of AI in front end has not only enhanced the experience of the user as it has transformed the way computers are interacted with. The use of AI in the Human-Computer Interfacing devices has significantly reduced the difference between human’s interactions and human-computer Interactions. It has not only made the use of a computer easier for humans but also has made possible for computers to be used in a number of different ways which were not possible before while bringing in great utility to the task in which it is used. For example, the use of AI in pattern recognition has made it possible for doctors to positively identify diseases and categorize them.

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