Essay: The Use of Masks to Avoid Swine Flu

Essay: The Use of Masks to Avoid Swine Flu
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Furthermore, TV channels often show scenes from hospitals in their reports where the treatment staff is shown wearing a mask to cover their face. This creates a  an impression in the mind of the viewers that Swine flu is something more than seasonal flu and extreme care should be taken to avoid it. It is also important to mention here that similar scenes of medical staff treating patients while wearing masks were also seen in the coverage of the SARS outbreak, which in reality had a much higher mortality rate than Swine flu.

These scenes have also created doubt in the mind of TV viewers that Swine flu could be compared to SARS. Another important fact which makes one question the use of mask is medium of spread and size of Swine flu virus. The actual purpose of wearing a mask is to avoid the transfer of fluids of patients on to the mouth and nose of treatment staff, which can easily happen when the patient coughs or sneezes. However, the mask are not very useful when it comes to prevention from airborne diseases as it allows the flow of air and the gaps in the fabric of these masks are wide enough to allow the Swine flu virus to pass through which is only 80-120 nanometres in size. Furthermore, it is also a fact that during the outbreak of SARS, the CDC only recommended masks for patients suffering it, while others were advice to wear masks only when the patient was unable to do so. It is also a fact that CDC has  recommended the use of a special mask called the N-95 respirator, which also does not offer 100% protection ( the number 95 indicates that it can stop particles down to 0.3 microns 95% of the time) (Cohen)

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