Essay: The Use of Repetition Control Structure

Essay: The Use of Repetition Control Structure
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On the other hand, the use of repetition control structure tremendously increase the conciseness of a program thus allowing the programmer to write less code in order to achieve greater functionality while also introducing the concept of repetition in the programs. Without repetition the usefulness of program would be very restricted as it would be impossible to repeat an action based on the decisions made within the program at runtime.

Repetition control structure allow a particular operation to be performed a discrete number of times or until a condition becomes true. The tremendous advantage offered by such structures can realized from the fact that without the presence of such structures, any operation which needs be repeated would have to be coded again and again the number of times it has to be performed. Furthermore, the scenarios where an operation has to be repeated until a specific condition becomes true would be impossible to implement in computer programs (Ideal Institute of Technology, 2009). By using repetition control structures, a programmer would then have to write code for the operation as well as the decision condition only once, thus making the program code much shorter than it would be in their absence. There are three types of repetition control structure which are present in almost any programming language. The leading decision loop allows for a condition to be checked before a particular set of instructions is repeated. The trailing decision loop allows the set of instruction to be executed at least once while the counted repetition control structure allows the set of instruction to be executed a particular number of times regardless of any specific conditions (Dromy, 2009). To signify the importance of repetition control structure, consider the case of a person having a meal again. In the absence of repetition control structure two conditions are possible. Either the person would take only one bite of his meal or would continue to do so indefinitely, since he would not know when to stop, thus harming his health. The use of repetition control structure such as trailing decision loop allows the person to keep his health in tip top condition by introducing condition to eat until he is hungry and stop when he doesn’t feel like eating.

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