Essay: Theories and Arguments on Fashion

Essay: Theories and Arguments on Fashion
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If was to analyze the analyze the way the sociologists have identified fashion and the way it has become a social process tool, than a few sociologists can be mentioned in this regard such as Thorstein Veblen in 1899 and Georg Simmel in 1904 who were amongst those who recognized the importance of fashion styles and trends relationship to social differentiation and integration. A more economical model was followed by Blumer (1968: 1969) as according to him it was the market exchange which resulted in specific fashion styles emergence.

Blumer’s theory can be compared to that developed by Bourdieu (1984) whose theory outlines the importance of cultural capital and its strength.  What has to be recognized when outlining all the above theories is the fact that all of these theories outline different ways through which fashion and social interaction have influenced each other and the differences in the interaction resulted in different fashions emerging-whether it be certain eras, groups, or even individuals.

According to Schultheis (1988), fashion can be defined as a force which results in the differentiation of taste, social identity and cultural capital. Therefore, the very identity of groups and individuals is defined by these fashion trends. It can either create collective identities of people in terms of group fashion sense or individualistic fashion styles.

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