Essay: The theories of Matriarchy and Patriarchy

Essay: The theories of Matriarchy and Patriarchy
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The theories of Matriarchy and Patriarchy also hangs-up with the same two-cradle theory. Matriarchy is one of the two family systems that are formed under the influence of social conditions of the native land. This infers that the nomadic system of life has the less involvement of woman in it. She was only used for bearing the child and domestic stuffs. Man used to keep her under his domination and rule. So the Indo-European society had the patriarchic form of family system. The family head used to be a man.

In the Eurasian dialects a man is regarded as the head of a family. Dr. Cheikh Diop using his deep imagination observed the involvement of women in the northern cradle and found out that she has no rights in the legal system there. This was a highly fundamentalist society (Carruthers 1977).

Antique India had the population of Blacks initially, but afterwards some white nomadic tribes belonging from Eurasia took over them. They had the ritual of infanticide i.e. burying a living newborn child if it is a girl. This was known to be the greatest identifying feature of their civilization (Carruthers 1977).

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