Essay: Therapeutic Benefits of Horse Riding

Essay: Therapeutic Benefits of Horse Riding
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The therapeutic benefits of horse riding have been recorded since 400 B.C. One of the greatest known Greek scholars and the father of modern medicine Hippocrates in his writings wrote about several ailments that occurred within the populace of Greece in his time and his observations regarding their treatment. In his chapter on natural exercise which detailed he favorable factors associated with walking he included a chapter on riding. He postulated that the wounded and ill would recover faster from their maladies if they rode horses.

He also mentions how riding was very remedial towards those dispirited. That it freed people from dark thoughts and generated pure ones. Even Xenophon who was a historian responsible for preserving the writings of Socrates spoke about the importance of horsemanship in his writings. In his time Xenophon’s relationship with horses was so renowned that he is known as the original horse whisperer (The Community for Riding for the Disabled, 2008).

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