Essay: Therapeutic Equine Assistance

Essay: Therapeutic Equine Assistance
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With such studies showing remarkable results supporting the use of therapeutic Equine assistance. It cannot be denied that such programs have a beneficial effect towards the health of special needs children with all sorts of maladies. Further research however would be suggested to document the effects and widen the scope of these programs. However such conclusive data is instrumental in showing why this activity has gained so much ground in the United States and around the world in the last Century.


Seeing the overwhelming evidence of how such programs have helped special needs children it’s heartening to know that the role of horses in society has not diminished. With technology ever increasing and people moving further and further away from nature into the throes of our fast paced society. It’s heartening to see that there are still some aspects of our lives that still remain constant. That even though modern medicine can do significant miracles when it comes to diseases such as staving off and curing life threatening diseases such as Aids and Cancer. Seeing that something as simple and timeless as riding a horse can have as enormous a benefit as years of medical testing and research is quit astonishing and quite heartening. With this therapy aiding children and adults around the world and enriching their lives it is my hope that this form of therapy will eventually gain the recognition and the respect it deserves.

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