Essay: Therapeutic Riding Program

Essay: Therapeutic Riding Program
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Setting the location for the camp is also dependant on other factors. For example it must be considered if there are any viable customers nearby, how far is it from any nearby rehabilitation facilities and medical officers for reference to a therapeutic riding program? Another important factor is the space required to run this type of camp. Typically the amount of space is decided by the number of clientele the person will have. The camp will have to choose to deal with either catering to special needs children or children with disabilities or both. Even the choice of whether adults can be treated at this camp comes into play. These factors should be the deciding the scope of this type of project.

The third step is hiring of professional therapists to treat your clients. These professionals can be licensed speech therapists or physical and occupational therapists. They must have accreditation from a recognized institute such as the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association or The Community for Riding for the Disabled. Before starting your camp you must also receive

Certification from one of these accredited institutions. Oftentimes having a working relationship with the NARHA or CARD can help you get started in the business and the information they provide can be vital to its long term survival.

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