Essay: Threats posed by land grabbing by rich countries

Essay: Threats posed by land grabbing by rich countries
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Due to land grabbing, the natural ecology would also be affected. Lands which are naturally forests are being sold to rich countries for use as agricultural lands. This would endanger the wildlife as well, as forests are natural inhabitations for animals. Other ecological impacts may be severe weather conditions. Forests protect the land in a number of ways. They keep the extent of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere at normal and they also save from natural calamities as floods. In the absence of forests, global weather conditions might get worse.

Impairment of Food Sovereignty

This is one of the most significant threats posed by land grabbing by rich countries and wealthy private investors. Investment in land grabbing for production of food for a specific group of people or for the production of biofuels will only worsen the situation of food crisis all around the world. Food supply would be concentrated within a few hands and it would be upon their discretion to supply food to the countries struck with the food crisis.

Thus, from the above discussion, it can be inferred that land grabbing is nothing but the exploitation of the economically weak countries by economically strong and rich countries. Land grabbing will not improve the economy in underdeveloped countries but it will only worsen the situation as it would throw off the people living on such lands. Human rights would also be impaired. Countries such as Africa have become the primary target of the rich countries because they have fertile land which is available at very low costs. This is clear exploitation of the resources that exclusively belong to other countries. International community need to take steps in order to stop such deals from happening or the scenario might get even worse. Therefore, the increasing land grabbing should be stopped and legal action should be taken against land grabbing.

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