Essay: Should Tobacco be criminalized

Essay: Should Tobacco be criminalized
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This paper reviews the age old argument regarding the use of tobacco and whether it is a harmful substance. An opinion will be presented towards the end concerning the banning of possession of tobacco from society. Arguments from both sides – that is, those that support the banning of tobacco possession and those against the banning – precede the final opinion. An analysis of the social and legal environment regarding tobacco usage is also reviewed. The paper begins with the nature and usage of tobacco in society.

Tobacco is extracted from plants for a variety of uses such as pesticides and medicines. However, the more renowned application of tobacco is for the purpose of consumption through chewing, smoking and snuffing ( Student’s Encyclopædia) and this will be the primary focus of this paper. Tobacco smoke contains a variety of chemicals, mainly nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide. Nicotine is the addictive component of tobacco. It is as potent and harmful as cocaine and heroin. The mood of an individual and the brain functioning and behavior is also changed after a nicotine dosage. Tar is the factor that causes lung cancer and a variety of other diseases. And carbon monoxide when inhaled substitutes oxygen in the body and affects the proper working of the lungs (help with smoking).

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