Essay: Tools to Ensure Employee Satisfaction

Essay: Tools to Ensure Employee Satisfaction
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Another tool to ensure employee satisfaction is flexibility (King and Grace 2006), which is seen by Pollit (2003) as “part-time working, flexible hours, home working, compressed working week, job share, annualized hours, term-time, and shift working”. Flexibility can also mean, in this context, job rotation where “individual members of a permanent work team move between some or all of the jobs covered by the team over a period in order to maintain or improve motivation” (Bennet 2003) which “also gives rise to an increase in the humanisation of work, greater security of employment, and more interesting and varied work” (Friedrich, 1998), increasing staff satisfaction towards work.

The Organized Change Consultancy recommends that employee satisfaction surveys are the choice tool for uncovering what is driving employee attitudes regarding positive service delivery ( 2008). These surveys focus on job role elements in order to understand whether employees are having a difficult time in their jobs or whether they feel they are a respected member of the organisation. The employee satisfaction survey represents a tool which is low-cost and might be seen by the staff that the hotel is taking their needs into consideration and is attempting to make changes to improve the organisational climate.

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