Essay: Transformational learning of the livelihood

Essay: Transformational learning of the livelihood
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Finally, the analysis and evaluation of interpreters’ learning, perspectives and stories as related by the interpreter will facilitate in the determination of the factors which contribute to the conditions of those experiences. The research will cover narrated stories of an individual who worked in the Linguistic Services Branch at the Headquarters. The study aims to gather experiential and transformational learning of the livelihood of the participant. Finally, an examination of the experiences of the Afghan in the educational system of the country can appreciably identify the factors that impede the educational system and educational opportunities that exist in Afghanistan.

“The case researcher recognizes and substantiates new meanings” (Stake, 1995, p.97). Finding connections, the researcher finds ways to make them comprehensible. The chronology of the interpreter’s life will be explored against a set of issues. The main issue will be an inquiry into the work experiences at ISAF HQ. Ironically enough, of all the roles, the role of interpreter, and gatherer of interpretations, is vital to the effectiveness of the study and understanding the ‘case’.

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