Essay: Transportation and treatment of Slaves

Essay: Transportation and treatment of Slaves
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Slaves who were transported from Africa had a 50 percent mortality rate and were sometimes thrown back into the sea to drown if they were too ill to travel. In America, once they were enslaved, they would be treated as a commodity and be freely bought and sold. Some slave owners permitted their slaves to get married; others forced them to get married. Slave marriages were not documented by the states.

The slave owners would then split their families whenever they liked and by simply selling one of the family members, therefore, most of the women slaves and children who were aged 12 years would work in plantation from morning till dawn. (Riley 1995)

Chronological account of 18th Century Slave institutionalization and significant movements


Year Theme
1702 New Jersey Governor Edward Cornbury was asked to provide a considerable amount of negroes at reasonable prices for the British government (Breig 2005)
1730 England trades assertively in North American slaves with New York, Boston and Charleston flourishing as main destinations for slaves
1750 Georgia is the final of the British North American colonies to authorize slavery
1754 John Woolman’s Some Consideration of the Keeping of Negroes and its role to identify the wickedness of slavery (Curtin 1967)
1758 Philadelphia Yearly Meeting and its role in anti-slavery movement
1772 Woolman in Philadelphia presents an anti-slavery document
1759 Publishing of the very first anti-slavery works i.e. Anthony Benezet’s pamphlet, Observations on the Inslaving [sic], Importing and Purchasing of Negroes (Curtin 1967)
1775 The world’s first anti-slavery society was founded in Pennsylvania for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery (PAS)
1787 Benjamin Franklin’s became the Honorary President of the Society (PAS)
1780 Pennsylvania passes a Gradual Emancipation Act and tears down the Douglas Theater in Williamsburg (The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation 2009)

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