Essay: Treatment for Mental Illness

Essay: Treatment for Mental Illness
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Percentage of mental sickness, encompassing disorders for example schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and PTSD are roughly 2 to 4 times larger in the inmate community than in the general people. This treatment has proved to be unsuccessful as parole agencies generally do not deal with the psychological wellbeing of inmates subjected to this treatment.

Employment Programs

Employment services or programs are carried out in order to train them for the employment challenges they will have to face after their re-entry into the community. This helps polish their abilities that will help them attain a job upon their release from the prison. This program is applied for a kind of causes, encompassing earning income for the jail and correcting the behavior of inmates thus appeasing them at the same time. Even though these are not proposed to decrease recidivism, investigations of some programs account decreased recidivism rates, but specify these outcome by confessing prejudiced information. Most of the inmates when released do not find work easily even in the prison. A barricade to the achievement of numerous of these paid work programs is with the aim of not addressing the manifold obstacles to paid work faced by reintroduced prisoners.

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