Essay: Trends in Software Development

Essay: Trends in Software Development
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Decision Support System

Today, business organization deals with the needs of customers around the globe. This means that is they have a large structure and a number of processes which run in parallel. These processes generate a lot of data within these organizations. Businesses need to analyze this data to make critical decisions which only makes allow them to remain competitive but also create new business opportunities to further enhance their market. Hence Decision Support Systems are used by higher management to assist them in making such decisions.

Decision Support System is computer-based information system which provides an interactive and easy to under way for decision makers to analyze the trends within their organization, by extracting the useful information from the data that is generated from various organizational processes. Decision Support Systems offer a number of advantages to organizational decision making. By processing all data and extracting accurate and relevant information, a decision support system enhances the effectiveness of the decision that is taken by decision makers. It also provides a means of sharing facts and assumption between the decision makers, thereby improving interpersonal communications. Organizations use Decision Support System to monitor the performance of its employees and systems and take a decision on labor and infrastructure and technology which eventually lead to significant cost reduction. The use of Decision Support System for monitoring of performance also increases organizational control (Hillstrom and  Hillstrom 2006).

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