Essay: Troubling Times faced by Dell

Essay: Troubling Times faced by Dell
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Another point made by Dell is that it is important for a company to build a framework as it grows. It is also possible for a company to grow too quickly. In 1994 Dell noticed the need for an extended battery life in Laptop computers. They outsourced to Sony to create lithium ion batteries which would run their new line of latitude laptops. For their public relations they called a press conference where they gave each of the reporters a laptop as a gift for their flight back to Los Angeles. The battery life lasted for the entire 4 and half hours of their flight providing great exposure for their new product (Dell 2000).

He also says that preparation is nothing without proper implementation. This can be seen during 1994 when Dell experienced troubling times as reports of laptop batteries exploding and the loss of the consumer market share to Gateway put the company through troubling times. In 1993 Gateway had replaced Dell as the top mail order company for personal computers.

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