Essay: The Truth about Organized Crime in America

Essay: The Truth about Organized Crime in America
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This article ( – Free Articles Directory, 2006) separates fact from fiction regarding the existence of organized crime in USA. Organized crime remains present in the USA as it did a century ago. However, the nature of organized crime has changed on the whole.

What once was a simple operation involving gambling and alcohol during Prohibition has evolved into a more complex structure. Now police and enforcement officials have to deal with gun dealers, drug pushers, people dealing in people (prostitution) and even organ traffickers.

Las Cosa Nostra is a section of the mob that arrived in the later part of the nineteenth century and has been the major innovator in terms of crime methods. Now there are about twenty such families in the USA with more than seven hundred people in each family. Some of the most notorious members of this “illustrious” group include Al Capone and Carlo Gambino.

So it is established that organized crime is a reality in the US and will continue to be a threat in the future and is a major part of all the crime in the country.

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