Essay: How Truth was to be Found

Essay: How Truth was to be Found
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  1. a. How was their belief similar to what René Descartes and Sir Francis Bacon taught about how truth was to be found?

Rene Descartes, a rationalist, and Francis Bacon, an empiricist, both defeated the techniques and results that were discovered before them. Both of them standardized accuracy due to various casual reasons that deprived thinking into the right way. There general principle was to reduce problems to the bottom of existence. Both supported science broadly and contributed very little to experimental approach.  Both of them were god-gifted to support the specific features of science that were critical to its future (Nordgren, 1998).

  1. b. What truths did Thomas Aquinas believe that people could discover through the use of reason and experience alone?

Thomas Aquinas had the guts to reason extraordinarily. His reasoning can be viewed in his writings. He managed to incorporate Aristotle’s controversial work into the church’s approval. He got to know the truth from a balanced point of view and never praised Jesus deeply. The use of reasoning and experience enabled him to anxiously research and find the substance of faith within the Christian Doctrine (Copleston, 2003).

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