Essay: Turgenev’s Bazarov compared to Ibsen’s Hedda

Essay: Turgenev’s Bazarov compared to Ibsen’s Hedda
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We should strive to be better people, working through our lives with determination and drive, no matter what we wish to pursue. Here we discuss the two social constructs characterized moralistically by two renowned authors, Turgenev and Ibsen. The characters are respectively Bazarov from Turgenev’s Fathers and Children and Hedda from Henrik Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler.

Bazarov undergoes a constant test of societal cultures and norms both for his love with Anna and his education. Anna is cross with Bazarov because he constructs a wall of societal ranking and nobility between their relationships. Anna is a princess who falls in love with Bazarov believing they are the same at heart if not in the society. However Bazarov believes class, race and society ranking comes first. Anna is of a noble ranking and according to Bazarov all human beings are differentiated upon the premises of class structure. He tends to forget that all human beings are created the same when born and it is the world that reconstructs their position and classes. On the other hand Anna and Bazarov keep arguing and since Bazarov finds it difficult to retain the relationship he rather ends it.

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