Essay: Typeface Design and Font Piracy

Essay: Typeface Design and Font Piracy
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As the computer has gradually become part of our lives, the Internet has continued to provide ease, speed, and variety of uses for which people prefer to use it. The Internet has not only made the access to a tremendous amount of information possible but it has also made it possible to do business online. A significant number of companies that conduct business on the Internet include Software development companies as well which market and sell their software online actively. However, the Internet has not been a complete blessing for these companies, though it has benefited them largely. The use of the Internet has also been for Software piracy.

Due to the gigantic size of the Internet, it is nearly impossible to curb software piracy online; hence, software companies have continued to suffer the consequences. Included in this software industry, is the industry of typeface and fonts (Font Wise 2009).  Typeface design and fonts are also software and protected under the intellectual property law and have to be licensed before they can be used (Adobe 2009).

The Internet, while on the one hand has given the font and typeface makers the opportunity to get more exposure, it has played a similar role in raising their unlicensed or pirated use. For example, on the Internet, a large number of illegal software sharing site exist, such as the Pirate Bay, which makes available a huge collection of fonts to its users while claiming that they do not take part in piracy as they do not host the software. Fonts and Typefaces available this way, not only take away the deserved earnings of the typeface designer and font development companies, but also encourage the downloader to used pirated software as they could be use used without any charge. In fact, a large number of font users, don’t even realize that the fonts need to be bought in order to be used. On the other hand, there have been many cases as well where large corporate companies have purchased license for using fonts in small numbers, while in reality these companies were using them on a large scale.

The reason because of which it becomes imperative to consider the legality of fonts is that it is perhaps one of the first few things that a consumer sets eyes on when viewing a product or service on the internet. The type of font not only serves to define the very personality of the product or service in question but also contributes in ascertaining the attitude with which the consumer shall continue to acquire information about the product or service in question.

It is for the same reason that the establishment of a font type as a legal entity becomes highly imperative. In essence, the font becomes part of the trademark of the product or service in question and it comes as no surprise that there are a number of companies that have their brand logos in the form of nothing more except for a text based collection of alphabets. There are countless examples of such cases.

For instance, IBM chooses to establish its trademark as nothing more than its name written down in the form of a distinct font type that distinguishes the three alphabets constituting its name from other forms of text. Similarly, the car manufacturer Audi chose to develop a distinct trademark logo for its cars and later took the type face of the logo to take a step ahead and develop a complete font from that type face.

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