Essay: Types of advertisement

Essay: Types of advertisement
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The site map is not available unless we sign up. Most of the options are for members; where as many promotional offers and help desk features are publically available. There are no banner ads on the website of any other company. The site do has some banner ads but only for their promotional offers. As far as my observation is concerned I have hardly seen any of their promotion on any other website or advertisement on television or radio. They host their website internally, not by any external host who can manage websites.

Technologies used

The technologies employed by the company are numerous. On their website they have put a video promotion for their visa card offer which seems very interactive that attracts the customer a lot and persuades him to have an account in the Bank of America. They have also employed some new technologies such as ‘Safe Pass and Site Key’ (Boston College, 2008) and ‘Check Scanning’ (Boston College, 2008).

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