Essay: Types of Consumer Behavior

Essay: Types of Consumer Behavior
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The literature identifies four typical types of buying behavior. They vary according to the rate of incidences, emotional participation, managerial difficulty and danger. In this context there are distinguishing behavior models of buyers which can be outlined. These behaviors include…

  • Programmed behavior
  • Limited decision-making
  • Extensive decision-making and
  • Impulsive buying  (Michael 2005)

Purchasing of low cost items, such as newspaper, coffee, tea, game and travel tickets, etc characterizes the programmed behavior process. Limited search for product information and low obscurity of decision-making are some of the governing guidelines of this process.

Etzel, Walker and Stanton  (2004) defines limited decision-making as a pattern where modest levels of decision-making are involved and moderate level of fundamental information to generate the purchasing decision.  Clothes are one type of product that entail a lower amount of information and decision making and also involves lesser amounts of selection.

Etzel, Walker and Stanton (2004) define extensive decision-making as a process which entails complex decision-making. This is characteristically seen to be a process where the buyer requires a lengthier period of time and difficult decision making due to a lot of information to be gathered. Ehrenberg and Goodhardt (2001) exemplified that expensive and not very frequents purchases are an example of this type of behavior.

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