Essay: Types of Information Systems

Essay: Types of Information Systems
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There are in total, 5 types of information systems. They are continuously modifying and embryonic as technology maintains to develop. The information systems illustrated under are not equally elite. These instances are not the only types though since they change with the passage of time. Presently the main 5 types of information systems are suggested by Betts (2007) as follows:

  • Transaction Processing Systems (TPS)
  • Decision Support Systems (DSS)
  • Expert Information Systems (EIS)
  • Management Information Systems (MIS
  • Office Automation Systems (OAS)

Internet marketing is an innovative tool to grow business online. This tool comprises of complete information systems that develop the competency in the business. For the understanding of information systems it is essential to understand internet market as a business here. These points will reveal the fundamentals that lead to success by discovering the eligible targeted audience, conveying the content in the correct procedure and attracting customers to buy the product (Luftman, 2003).

A considerable amount of traffic should be generated to the marketing pages of the website in order to recognize a payback of the investments. Google AdSense & Looksmart are some of the most happening methods to attain traffic for the website. Affiliate programs and website advertising also support the purpose. Other pages that might have the right kind of viewers can be negotiated to have suitable advertising tariffs for the online campaign, as well. Guiding potential consumer to a common website is not a good idea since prospective buyers won’t know what to do next. It is better to make it simpler for the customers to take benefit. Whenever an online marketing campaign is created, an exact page, for primary clients should be proposed to the product that showcases the offer (Luftman, 2003).

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