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Learning is a continued process that carries on throughout the life of an individual. Every person according to his mental capability, likes and interests, intelligence level etc can be categorized into a different class of learner.

One type of a learner is a detailer or inductive thinker.  As the name implies, such people are very detail oriented and analyze all the details, small or large with a keen eye.  Another category of learners involves the cooperative learner. Such learners are very well suited to work in environments where a team or a group of people are working together. They tend to pick up things from their mates quite quickly and add value to the group they are working with. Visual and auditory is another category in which learners tend to learn quickly either through visuals or audio. Their hearing and visual senses are so strong that it enables them to pick things up quickly.

A number of tests identifying the type of learner one are are available on different websites over the Internet. It is quite beneficial to take these tests as they identify the most suitable learning style for you, also they indicate if one has multiple learning styles and in what situations which style can prove to be most effective.

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