Essay: Types of Data Storages

Essay: Types of Data Storages
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When storing data on a computer, a number of storage types are available where the data can be stored depending on its storage duration and access requirements. For example, RAM can be used in a situation where the data needs to be stored for a short amount of time and needed quickly. This is because the RAM operates at a very high speed and also has a very high-speed interface to the rest of the computer. The hard drive can be used to store data when it needs to be stored permanently but assessed on a regular basis.

This is possible because hard drives stores data on magnetic plates which rotate at very high speeds allowing for data to be written and read. The CDROM finds its use in a situation where a large amount of data has to be moved without much hassle. The large capacity of CDROM (750MB) allows for large files such as movie files to be moved from one location to another in a simple plastic plate without the need of any major equipment installation and movement. Tape drives, on the other hand, are used to store data in a situation where it needs to be achieved. That is, it needs to be stored for months or years before it can be accessed. Tape drives are best in this situation because access to data stored in them is slow while the media used in tape drives is quite cheap allowing for a large amount of data (Gigabytes) to be stored in a very economical way. In the past, when the data storage requirements were not huge, floppy drives were one of the best an economical way to move data from one computer to another. Floppy drives were extremely cheap but offered only around 1MB of data to be stored on them. This restriction caused them to become obsolete after the emergence of CDROM and USB drives (Parsons& Oja, 2008).

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