Essay: U.K vs. U.S Newspapers

Essay: U.K vs. U.S Newspapers
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Although it is well known that there are differences in the phonology of the American and British Language. The written forms of the two languages only vary somewhat in their essential features. This topic will attempt to show the similarities and differences between the linguistics of the two languages.

In order to resolve the idiosyncratic differences between the two languages this topic will attempt to use two newspaper articles, one from the Guardian, a well known British newspaper and the other the New York Times, a highly respected American newspaper. Since there are only certain differences between the two languages in terms of morphology and syntax this topic will focus on pointing out these differences.

The Guardian newspaper article was written on 13th June 2009 in the United Kingdom in a formal manner (Saner). The author Emine Saner is of female gender and has written several features for the Guardian (Guardian). This reveals that her language lexicon is quite satisfactory in the case of British language.

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