Essay: United States has the Highest Rate of Teen Pregnancy

Essay: United States has the Highest Rate of Teen Pregnancy
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According to the stats, United States has the highest rate of teen pregnancy, teenage birth and abortion in today’s world. Almost 40% of teenagers carry pregnancy before the age of 20. Since the mother and father both are of illegal age or at least not in the age of bearing child, fearing education and health issues take place. Under aged mothers bear painful complications during pregnancy and delivery thus depriving them from earning a high school diploma.

Secondly the born babies have serious health issues at the time of birth and are more likely to be physically abused. Even when they grow up, they don’t high grades at school and are meager in academics. Later, they indulge themselves in unlawful activities leading to prosecution and jail. To fetch welfare support, the teen mother has to identify the father of the baby and she should have been attending school or working. According to the stats, the cost of teen childbearing is over $38 billion per year (Sabia).

Another risky factor that is viewed after the pregnancy is the confusion between birth and abortion. It is quite hard for a teenager to take a decision as to whether she wants to give birth to a child or not. Sometimes, families force the girl to abort the child and get rid of everything once and for all. Other families who tend to be more sensitive and positively emotional in this case encourage birth and take the responsibility to bear all the expenses for the present as well as the future requirements.

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