Essay: Universal Discourse

Essay: Universal Discourse
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On the other hand, such a universal discourse is not achievable accurately for the reason that aggressive qualities of universal authoritative relations and subsistence is possible in the thoughts of an optimist theorist, who paradoxically is not involved in giving out a surpassing yet an ideal culture.

Even Sen’s disparagement of Iraq being invaded by the US as ‘mistaken’ (Sen 3) and American reaction to 9/11 ‘affecting hundreds of millions…in Afghanistan’ (Sen 402) vigilantly keeps away from using the phrase ‘imperialism’ which has possibly now turn out to be orthodox in the open-minded academic sphere because it humiliates the power of imperialists’ community. In Sen’s account of 9/11 attacks and Taliban’s conjuncture, Sen did not mention that Taliban was actually America’s own disguised group that was formed as a strategy to govern the Cold War, which is now a remarkable realm.

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