Essay: Urine Tests

Essay: Urine Tests
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Urine analysis has been found to be at least 25% inaccurate as they can show false positive results. Meaning the agent can show metabolites in his urine common to illicit drugs while using everyday items such as cold medications or poppy seed. It is also unable to show if the individual is currently taking drugs, only that he did so in the recent past. Additionally it cannot determine the quantity of the drug used. Hair tests can only give accurate depictions of what the individual was taking in the past few months.

However, it gives inaccurate results as well in the case of Mediterranean individuals due to their thick hair which holds higher concentrations of any drugs they might use when compared to Caucasians who use the same amount. Bleached hair can also cause false positives due to the similar chemical compounds in its makeup.

Urine tests can also show traces of medication taken. Revealing the diseases the individual might have. Hair and blood can be used for genetic testing allowing executives to have fore knowledge of what diseases their employees might be susceptible to in the future (Holmes).

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