Essay: US Army and the Information Superhighway

Essay: US Army and the Information Superhighway
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Background of the US Army

The United States Army is the world premier security force, which is only equipped with the state of the art equipment and weaponry and is fully capable of deploying and engaging itself in a wide range of combat scenarios within a very short time. In current structure, US Army has several divisions. Apart from having a central command and control authority, it further branches out in several specialized unit each capable of performing a unique function to support functionalities of other unit within the army.

These units include Army Aviation, Reconnaissance and Intelligence, Engineering, Specialized Combat Groups, Ground Command Units and Logistics. It is capabilities of operating in all environments successfully and make efficient use of IT and Communication Technology in order coordinate the activities between its different units on the ground in order to make the operation being conducted by it successful. Some of the technologies currently under use by the US Army include Global Positioning System, Handheld laptops and Computers, wireless communication links between soldiers and vehicles on the ground and with other intelligence gathering equipment ( such a predator drones).The US Army constantly undergoes technological reviews to evaluate its current and future needs which not only play a part in improving the capabilities of the force but also emphasize the reduction in danger to the life of soldiers. At present, the US army is currently experiencing an increase in demand for its communication capacity as a result of its transition toward a new force structure which would be network-centric and knowledge-based. The purpose of this report is to identify and evaluate the needs of communication bandwidth of US Army and put forward recommendations which would be used to address those needs successfully (How Stuff Works, 2010).

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