Essay: US/Canadian Consumers and Their Needs of Telematics

Essay: US/Canadian Consumers and Their Needs of Telematics
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The pioneering of Telematics technology by General Motors in United States and Canada has received an overwhelming response from customers which include both corporations and individuals. This is evident from their large customer base of over 5 million, which use the OnStar service on regular basis to bring ease to their life. One of the best demonstrations of excellent utility that this service offers was its use as a crisis advisory service during Hurricane Gustav.

The OnStar crisis advisors saw a significant rise in the calls from its customers who were making their way out of the storm range and wanted to make sure their family was safe. A well co-ordinated OnStar emergency plan, which was well carried out, ensured that traffic on the roads was under control and people had fewer problems finding a safe shelter or hotel until the hurricane subsided. (Reed, 2008). Apart from its successful use in emergency conditions, one of the main reasons for its success has been the safety and security services that are offered as part of OnStar offer. In a survey carried out by Braun Consulting, 79% of the OnStar customers had roadside service unavailability in the case of an accident, as their main concern and hence subscribed to OnStar to cater the needs of such situation. Furthermore, the emergency services have also seen an increase in their response efficiency due to the presence of OnStar. In a press release in 2008, OnStar also announced that its automatic crash response service has also seen wide use, with assistance in over 100,000 of such incidents from the time OnStar service was made available 12 years ago.

There have also been a number of incidents where OnStar services were used to track stolen cards and disabling them. In addition to emergency services, OnStar’s other services have also received a tremendous response for its customer as well. The GPS base navigation service is perhaps one of the most use Telematics service in the US and Canada Region. Statistics on the OnStar website show an impressive 900,000 turn-by-turn routes delivered to On-Star customers each month. The numbers also signify the importance of remote vehicle diagnostic service, that monitors and reports on the vital systems in the vehicle, to OnStar’s customer with an average of 3.2 million emails sent each month. Corporate customers have also actively used the OnStar vehicle tracking service to improve the efficiency of their business. OnStar fleet management service has also seen used by a number of corporate customers who have capitalized on the benefits that the service offers to them. Currently, the use of OnStar services is only limited to cars manufactured by General Motors Subsidiaries however, the response that OnStar has received in US and Canada has been so huge, that it plans to expand this service to other car manufacturers as well (OnStar Corporation, 2009).

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