Essay: Use of CLI in Applications

Essay: Use of CLI in Applications
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Despite the fact that most programs provide a graphical user interface to facilitate the user in performing a task, many application requires Command Line Interface (CLI) in order to complete the functionality of the application. The application such as Development environments for Python, LISP, and Basic programming provide a built-in Command Line Interface (CLI) which can be used for experimentation with statements before their use. In MATLAB, several calculations can only be done in the command line interface area as no GUI exists for them (Davis and Sigmon 2005). In many of the modeling applications such as Rhinoceros 3D and AutoCAD, the use of Command Line Interface (CLI) fastens up and brings accuracy to the process of modeling (Grabowski 2005).

Remote Access

The ability to access the computer remotely through another computer provides a major advantage to system administrators as it allows them for performing maintenance and troubleshooting of computers from the system administrator desktop. Though the ability to replicate full screen of the remote PC is possible, it would take up a lot of network resources which would bog the network down. Furthermore, it would require additional services to be run which would take up memory resources as well. However, the use of Command Line Interface (CLI) for this purpose enable the system administrator to access PCs and other devices using a mechanism that is light on the network as well as on the PC or device resources. Remote access is mostly used by professionals who are aware of their work and also familiar with the devices they work with. Therefore they require a mechanism which would allow them to perform their task quickly and without the requirement of special software. Command Line Interface (CLI) in the operating system makes it possible to access the remote system directly from the command prompt, thereby eliminating the need for special software required for remote access (Weber, Figgins and Siever 2003).

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