Essay: Use of Multiple Sources of Energy

Essay: Use of Multiple Sources of Energy
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Another option for the US is go ahead with the option of using a combination of alternative energy sources, majority of which would be wind and solar farms. Through implementation of such a solution, the US would not only reduce its dependency on only one type of energy source but it would also help in dealing with the uncertain conditions of the nature on which they rely ( Sunlight for Solar Energy, Wind for Wind Energy). Sporadic presence of small solar or wind farms throughout US and well as encouraging the installation of domestic solar and wind turbines would also help in overcoming the power needs of the future in the US. Another variation of this solution is to construct a form which uses a combination of solar and wind power to generate electricity.

This would not only help in significantly addressing the negative effects of both types of alternative energy generation solutions, such as noise in wind farm  but would also reduce the overall inefficiency of the energy produced at the farm (due to poor conversion rate of PV cells). However this problem assumes that the management of a diverse set of technologies as well as the distribution from multiple sources would not be an issue, which is untrue. Another problem with going ahead with such a solution is that it cannot be implemented in the short term as the technology for the generation of Solar and Wind energy  are still to be widely developed , which would advantage the production of electricity at a minimum cost. Furthermore, this solution does not favor reliance on other forms of alternative energy solutions which could equally be greener and cost-effective and hence is somewhat biased. Furthermore it also assumes that the dynamics of the US market and the use of technology in research and development of energy production equipment would remain the same, which in fact highly affect the investment that would be made toward implementing such options. The use of minimal polluting technologies means that this is a the way to go if the US wants to adopt a policy of making its future and the environment greener than its current state, which is also what is expected from it.

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